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Always Leading The Way

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It is the mission statement of Timber Creek Wrestling to develop each wrestler into a LEADER in all facets of life. This entails taking charge of situations while under pressure, and to pay the price in sweat, effort, and sacrifice and to show others the way through setting the example. This is what paves the road to being a CHAMPION… taking advice and criticism in an effort to improve…being humble and courteous…respecting your opponent in victory and defeat. To be a COMPETITOR and to possess a deep determination and desire to win…to have pride in oneself and to never give up on the mat or in situations in life. Wrestlers will be RELENTLESS in their battle for success on the mat, in the classroom, and as a member of their family. They will be PERSISTENT and DISCIPLINED in their mindset on and off the mat...while off the mat they are respectful and hold themselves in the highest of regards, while on the mat they are in relentless pursuit of embarrassing their opponent in dominating fashion, imposing their will upon others...they will be LOYAL and think in terms of “we” instead of “I”… will sacrifice for the greater good of the family and most importantly they will live their brand with FALCON STYLE.


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